Who is Cursillo for?

Cursillo is for Christians who are already seeking to follow Christ – to give them strength on their journey. It encourages and equips those Christians who are already active in their parishes to deepen their own spiritual lives and be filled with enthusiasm for being an apostle for Christ.

Cursillo is a tool for mission which offers one particular way of living out Christian discipleship.

  • The Anglican Cursillo movement is for practising Christians who are part of an Anglican worshipping community and capable of participating fully in the sacramental life.
  • Cursillo is for people who are already committed Christians within their local church. From those who have been confirmed for a year or two, to those who seem to have been around for ever and done every job there is in the local church!
  • This includes those in positions of spiritual leadership, such as Readers: even clergy can gain much from the movement!
  • Openness to encountering God in new ways and a willingness to go deeper in faith and discipleship are the key qualities in someone who is likely to benefit from involvement with Cursillo.
  • Cursillo weekends have a participative, experiential flavour which appeals to many people from a wide range of backgrounds: people who might struggle with an academic approach to learning as well as people engaged in study for higher degrees.
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