What is the 'Fourth Day'?

Whilst the weekends are a key aspect of Cursillo, the main emphasis and spirituality of Cursillo is found in the ‘Fourth Day’: the time after the weekend course, (the rest of our lives!) when we are encouraged to continue our journey of faith together.

This is assisted most importantly through the support of Group Reunions. These are regular meetings of three to five people in which we learn together and encourage each other in ‘prayer, study and action’. Their purpose is to help people live out their Christian calling in the places of their daily lives: e.g Church, community, workplace, places of leisure (known as their ‘environments’) etc

There are also other meetings, at local and diocesan level, held regularly in various localities, called Ultreyas. These are larger gatherings of those who have been on a weekend; those exploring the possibility, and of any Christian who wishes to attend. They have a pattern of worship and witness, which aim to renew our commitment and strengthen us for service in the Church and the world. The word Ultreya in Spanish means: persevere! Press on! Don’t give up!

People are encouraged to find a spiritual director or 'soul friend', lay or ordained, who, from their experience and maturity, can help them along their Christian journey.

There is also encouragement to adopt a ‘Rule of Life’ to help to provide guidance in leading living out our Christians lives.

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