What is Cursillo?

Cursillo offers a way of living out Christian discipleship: a way which has proved fruitful in the lives of countless Christian men and women across the world since it was founded sixty years ago.

Cursillo takes its name from the Spanish word for a “short course” – the “short course in Christian living” which is the three-day Cursillo weekend – a key aspect of the movement.

Cursillo provides a method through its three-day Weekends and follow-up meetings (called Group Reunions and Ultreyas) to inspire, support and encourage lay people and clergy in Christ-centred living.

Cursillo is about personal and community transformation, as Christians are challenged to open themselves to God and allow the Holy Spirit to change them and the communities (called environments) in which they come into contact.

Cursillo encourages spiritual direction and a ‘Rule of Life’, and uses the model of ‘Prayer’, ‘Study’ and ‘Action’ to help Christians to grow in their faith and to be more confident in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Cursillo can be summed up as:
‘A movement of the Church providing a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action and enabled to share God’s love with everyone.’

Anglican Cursillo in any diocese begins with the agreement of the diocesan bishop. Anglican Cursillo seeks to serve the whole Church and to equip Anglican Christians to be the Church wherever they are, and in whatever Anglican tradition they are from. Here, in the London Diocese we are committed to working within the aims of the Diocesan mission action plan, the London Challenge.

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