What is a Cursillo Weekend?

Many who have attended Cursillo Weekends have found them to be an inspiring experience, offering renewal and impetus in deepening their Christian commitment and faith within their own parishes.

  • The Weekend usually begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday afternoon (some bank holiday weekends run Friday to Monday).
  • For an outline programme of the Weekends click here: Weekend Programme.
  • During these three days those attending live, work and worship together listening to talks given by different people, both lay and ordained, and they share in various social activities.
  • Talks are heard on subjects like Grace, Faith, Study, Sacraments, Ideals, Evangelism, Christian Community in Action. There are 15 talks in all.
  • The talks usually lead to lively follow-up in small groups.
  • In addition, there is Holy Communion each day and a number of chapel meditations.
  • The Weekend has plenty of learning, praying, sharing, singing, laughing and living together, and this forms the basis for discovering what it means to say "We are the body of Christ".
  • The programme is full, and participation in all of it is ideal and is encouraged, but anyone who wishes to skip parts of it, is free to do so.

For further details on Weekends please click here

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