What does Cursillo offer?

Cursillo offers:

  • An opportunity to grow in faith.
  • A chance to know the love and grace of God and the joy of Christian fellowship.
  • A way of experiencing Christian community and helping one another in our spiritual journey and in active witness.
  • An opportunity to develop one’s gift of ministry in the Church.
  • It embraces the insights and good teaching of all the traditions of the Anglican Church.
  • It operates within the Church and not outside it, so it works together with groups and organisations in a parish for the laity as well as for clergy, for whom there is the added benefit of being able to participate in Cursillo weekends as themselves (i.e. incognito).


God works in the lives of committed Christians through Cursillo by:

  • Enthusing them about their faith so that their faith overflows into mission.
  • Giving them personal experience of the central role of prayer and developing a relationship with God, and commending the guidance of a spiritual director or ‘soul friend’.
  • Encouraging them to take seriously their calling to share their faith with those around them.
  • Equipping them to share their faith by gaining a deeper understanding of it and encouraging them to develop the ability to apply their Christian perspective to every aspect of their lives.
  • Providing the means to gain confidence by having the chance to talk openly in a safe setting.
  • Providing the support of a small group with whom they can share their attempts to live a Christian life and to participate in God’s mission including the proclaiming the Good News.
  • Providing ongoing inspiration and examples of ways in which their fellow Christians are putting into practice their calling to witness to Christ.


What Cursillo contributes is a new method for being a committed Christian, based on links with other committed Christians, through: 

  • Small group support, called Group Reunions, meeting regularly with the same three or four people to share their experience of living a Christian life of ‘prayer, study and action’ and to share the ways they are trying to transform the world for Christ.
  • Regular larger gatherings for inspiration and encouragement (called Ultreyas), parish, deanery or diocesan based, (and once a year a National gathering). These include a talk where the speaker focuses on a recent experience of planned action he or she took to advance God’s kingdom.


Cursillo attempts to make saints and apostles by:

  • Helping Christians assess the depth of their faith to find its reality and richness.
  • Inspiring Christians to get on with God’s mission in the world by hearing and heeding God’s call.
  • Holding up examples of everyday Christians who are acting as apostles in their ordinary life settings.
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