What is a Cursillo Weekend?

  • It usually begins on a Thursday evening and ends the following Sunday afternoon (some bank holiday weekends run Friday to Monday).
  • For a programme of the Weekends see the outline schedule and Flowchart
  • During these three days those attending live, work and worship together listening to talks given by different people, both lay and ordained, and they share in various social activities.
  • You will hear short talks on subjects like Grace, Faith, Study, Sacraments, Ideals, Evangelism, Christian Community in Action. There are 15 talks in all.
  • The talks usually lead to lively follow-up in small groups.
  • In addition, there is Holy Communion each day and a number of chapel meditations.
  • Learning, praying, sharing, singing, laughing and living together is the basis for discovering what it means to say "We are the body of Christ".
  • The programme is full, and participation in all of it is ideal and is encouraged, but anyone who wishes to skip parts of it, is free to do so.

Who is it for?

  • Baptised members of the Anglican Church (laity or clergy) who are…
    » Curious
    » Searching
    » Discovering
    » Growing
    » Wanting to be joyful and confident in their faith.
  • Many married couples have found it helpful to attend a Cursillo weekend together, but if this is not possible it is fine for them to attend separate weekends.

How should I approach a Cursillo weekend?

  • There is no specific response expected of you - just to be open to what happens.
  • Be prepared simply to take a fresh look at what the Church has always taught - the miraculous and joyful discovery of Christ's endless, unconditional love for us.

What have some previous participants said about their experience of their weekend?

It was much more than I ever expected or imagined it would be. Words are really inadequate. I’m glad I was there to be able to participate in the weekend, an experience I’ll never forget…My heart sank when told there would be discussions and writing down – I always find this difficult. It was wonderful how quickly you felt relaxed, there was NO pressure to do anything – but I found I just flowed into it. You were drawn from within yourself by the care and love, and it had to be the Holy Spirit’s power and the prayer. All the talks spoke to you personally, as well as to us together. It was very helpful, challenging and encouraging to look at our lives and to go forward in a deeper walk with the Lord in our lives, church, community and the world.

I write knowing that words will not capture the experience. Hopefully they may go some way. Brilliant is a word that comes to mind, repeatedly….I was greatly impressed that Cursillo is immersed in prayer to the extent that I must admit I have not met in anything else.

I am still feeling incredibly humbled by the experience I gained on the Cursillo weekend. To be able to have met all those ‘new’ people and to share in the prayers, silences, eucharists, meal times and discussion was an absolute thrill to me. It felt so right and I have benefited from it greatly. I particularly enjoyed the prayer and meditations and can honestly say I have never felt so close to God as I did during the weekend.

I found the Cursillo weekend challenging and uplifting. I was challenged by the love shown by the staff and uplifted by the support in prayer … It obviously will not suit everyone but for those inclined to yield to the Holy Spirit it provides a foundation for spiritual growth

The Cursillo weekend was very special. I was both surprised and moved by the whole experience and I do feel that it was a real point of renewal for me, as a Christian and as a priest. Thank you all.

What do I need to do if I would like to be a participant on a Cursillo weekend?

  1. Cursillo weekends are run regularly in this Diocese. For dates of forthcoming weekends, see ‘Diary Dates’ on the ‘Home’ page.
  2. Get in touch with someone, on the ‘Contacts’ page or in a parish (see ‘Parishes’), to speak with.
  3. Having spoken with someone and read Cursillo literature, e.g. the London Cursillo leaflet, pray for God’s guidance.
  4. Obtain the agreement of your parish priest.
  5. You will need someone who has already been on a Cursillo weekend or on a ‘Clergy Taster Day’ to act as your sponsor.
  6. If a weekend is for you, click here on Bookings Secretary to request a application form.
  7. You should let the Bookings Secretary know who your sponsor is, so that a section of the application form can be sent to him or her.
  8. Complete the application form and return it, together with your deposit, at least 3 months before the start of the weekend. (So, for a weekend starting on 5 March, the deadline for receiving applications is 5 December.)
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