Endorsement - The Ven Peter Delaney

The Ven Peter DelaneyIt gives me very great pleasure to write a commendation for the London Cursillo Movement and the major contribution it makes to the spiritual life of the Diocese of London.

This dynamic tool for spiritual growth grew out of a need first seen in the United States for parish growth and development, refreshing the church from within and enabling parishes to re-invigorate their spiritual lives by prayer, teaching and worship. The Cursillo Movement within the Church of England provides a method by which Christians are empowered to grow through prayer, study and action and are enabled to share God’s love with everyone.

The secret of Cursillo lies in a commitment of individuals to nurture other individual’s faith by group experiences centred upon scripture and tradition and learning to enjoy being together in community. By careful preparation, lay leadership and residential time spent together, the Cursillo groups share an exploration of their faith, the joy of living and experience new forms of prayer and support for each other.

Cursillo depends upon people catching the spirit of working in small groups and revitalising the life of the spirit from within the individuals own experience and sharing what exactly that experience means to each person. Each person receives a support partner who carries them in prayer during the period of making their Cursillo and of other Cursillo groups throughout the country.

Within the Diocese of London I see the Cursillo Movement as a major tool for parish growth and focussed on Christians already within a parish family as a means of re-invigorating their spiritual life and building up the Body of Christ. I cannot commend highly enough the work done by Cursillo and I hope that many parishes within our Diocese will invite the Cursillo leadership team to help them strengthen the work already being done. May God continue to use the Cursillo Movement to grow his church in faith, Ultreya!

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