Endorsement - Gwen Gutzmore

My Experience of Cursillo

As a practising Christian I am always searching for knowledge and anything that will bring me closer to God. I believe that this was communicated to others non verbally. I was not at all surprised when my Parish Priest told me about Cursillo. I had less than a week to the closing date, without hesitation I decided to go on the weekend.

I went on my first Cursillo weekend in March 2007. I was excited and at the same time apprehensive about going as I was the only one from my Church. To make matters worse I did not have an agenda. I tried to be open-minded about a weekend of activities without a plan but still wondered how this could be. Little did I know that this was a way of God teaching me to let go and to let Him have His way. I was soon infused by the warmth and love I received on my arrival at St Katharine’s Foundation.

The weekend certainly strengthened my faith and has helped me to grow in faith taking others along with me in my journey. The influence it has had in my life has been tremendous.

My second Cursillo weekend was a year later, this time as a Table Leader. I was asked to do a talk. Oh how I prayed not to get ‘Piety’ and what did I get, ‘Piety’. This has really empowered me in using my gift in service to God.

I am glad that I am involved in Cursillo in the Diocese of London. Cursillo has shown me that when I do the possible God will do the impossible. Ultreya!

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