The Rt Revd & Rt Hon Dr Richard Chartres - Bishop of London

As well as ensuring we invite people to join the Christian body in imaginative ways, it is also essential to create means by which men and women may be further incorporated with discussion, support and prayer.  I am delighted that Cursillo's energy is used to this purpose.

Dr Rowan Williams - Former Archbishop of Canterbury

Cursillo has been very powerfully used by God in the renewal of Christians and Christian communities of all styles and backgrounds. I am deeply grateful for all that has been done through its work.

 Dr John Sentamu - Archbishop of York

Cursillo is about making disciples; it transforms people’s lives and empowers them for service. Cursillo is active in most Dioceses of this Province, for which I praise God.

The Ven Peter Delaney
The Ven Peter Delaney - Former Archdeacon of London

Within the Diocese of London I see the Cursillo Movement as a major tool for parish growth and focussed on Christians already within a parish family as a means of re-invigorating their spiritual life and building up the Body of Christ. I cannot commend highly enough the work done by Cursillo and I hope that many parishes within our Diocese will invite the Cursillo leadership team to help them strengthen the work already being done. May God continue to use the Cursillo Movement to grow his church in faith. Read more...

The Revd Michael Bolley
 The Revd Michael Bolley - Vicar of Holy Trinity, Southall

 “God himself acts, giving life to the body of Christ and renewing each member.” These words appeared in the 1982 Lima Document, Baptism, Eucharist and Ministry, in a section on the meaning of the Eucharist, but they also sum up what for me the Cursillo movement is all about. Cursillo is one of the ways which God has given to us through which he touches the lives of countless Christians and sends them out as his co-workers in their daily lives. Read more...

Revd Alison Christian

 The Revd Alison Christian - Former vicar of St John the Evangelist, Stanmore

As an over-busy priest and a Taizé enthusiast, I thought I had quite enough to keep me going but eventually the offer of a 24 hour “taster” led me to a full weekend and I was hooked. Read more...

Gwen Gutzmore - Holy Trinity, Dalston

I am glad that I am involved in Cursillo in the Diocese of London. Cursillo has shown me that when I do
the possible God will do the impossible.


Mark Arnold - St John the Baptist, Pinner

Cursillo has been and continues to be an important part of my spiritual life offering renewal and impetus in my faith. The Cursillo weekend revealed to me many riches and treasures of the Church. The rediscovery of the promises and responsibilities we make at our baptism that as Christians we are called to be apostles in the world. Read more...

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