How might an individual benefit from Cursillo?

Ann Fuller, who worships at St John the Baptist, Pinner, has written about how she has benefited from Cursillo:

Although I am involved in many activities in my church, reflecting on what difference Cursillo has made to me brings to mind the advertisement: “Heineken refreshes the parts that other beers cannot reach”!

Cursillo has given me the chance to meet regularly with two or three others and share where I am in my Christian life.

If Cursillo consisted only of uplifting weekends, then it would not be particularly distinctive and would not have a lasting impact. But the weekends are only the launch pad of the Cursillo movement.

Cursillo’s real strength is its method of helping Christians to grow through prayer, study and action and enabling them to share God’s love. I meet with a small group and we take turns to share.  For me it provides a safe place where I can share how my prayer life is going, how I am learning to understand God better through books, the Bible, sermons or nature and what Christian action I am taking. We finish our meeting by praying for each other and for any other concerns in our families, our work, the church or the world.

Three or so times a year, these little groups get together for a diocesan celebration. There is then a mini-version of the small group meeting but this time sharing with people we know less well.  At the annual national gathering we meet fellow Anglicans from many different parishes and dioceses.

Aelred of Rievaulx spoke of “Spiritual Friendship” in these words: “What happiness, what security, what joy to have someone to whom you dare speak on terms of equality as to another self; one to whom you need have no fear to confess your failings; one to whom you can unblushingly make known progress you have made in the spiritual life; one to whom you can entrust all the secrets of your heart, and before whom you can place all your plans!”  -  that is what I get out of Cursillo.

Ann Fuller
St John the Baptist, Pinner

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