Endorsement - The Revd Alison Christian

Revd Alison ChristianAs an over-busy priest and a Taizé enthusiast, I thought I had quite enough to keep me going but eventually the offer of a 24 hour “taster” led me to a full weekend and I was hooked.

The thing that most impressed me at the start and continues to inspire me is that it is almost entirely lay led. What I saw before me were ordinary Christian people who, in the power of the Holy Spirit, were sharing their faith with confidence and huge generosity; the only other place I have experienced such generosity is at Taizé. In due course I was invited to participate in a weekend as a spiritual advisor and there I was taught a very important lesson. However shy and inarticulate an individual may appear to be, anyone can get up and share their own faith journey in a profound and moving way: it has nothing to do with whether they are ‘natural’ speakers. It has lots to do with being surrounded by love and prayer and the realisation that your story of how God has moved in your life is unique and powerful.

Immediately after my Cursillo weekend, I set about suggesting to some members of our congregation that they should try it. Four years down the line, about 15 or 16 people have been. For all of them it has been a positive, faith enhancing experience. For some it has been life-changing and they have become serious disciples and taken up leadership positions at St John’s, Stanmore. They have a new sense of responsibility which is not to me but to God and to themselves. They have received something which cannot be taken away from them.

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