Weekend 27 Report

Weekend 27
Weekend 27
Weekend 27
Weekend 27
Weekend 27
Weekend 27
Weekend 27

Weekend #27 - Lay Rectors Report

What a wonderful privilege and an absolute joy it was to serve as Lay Rector of the London #27. I say this wholeheartedly, for now that it is done, if I could have foreseen what a pleasure it was going to be, I would have jumped at the opportunity the first time I was approached by Jennifer, or even the second or third time.  When I said, ‘”OK, maybe, the weekend after the next one I will observe”, Jennifer replied, ”Great I am so pleased, would you like to be on the Secretariat?”  My immediate thought was, get on in there for some ideas and information, a head-start on the training.

Nothing can prepare you fully for the weekend but the weekend itself.  I had my year as observing Lay Rector to Jane Altman, and weeks and weeks of Monday evening meetings with Jane Coan, the new Lay Director and Frances my observing Lay Rector. Then there were two training  and planning days with the staff team and Spiritual Advisors leading up to the weekend itself.  However, like any fine-tuned engine you only know its true potential when it’s up and running.  

I was truly blessed with the staff team I had, for their support and encouragement. I was also quite relieved when the pilgrims arrived on Thursday evening, and we met in the lounge around 6.30pm for refreshments and getting acquainted before dinner.  The buzz and laughter were immediate and my only concern was not if we would gel and interact well, but how was I going to keep control of this group of lively and seemingly enthusiastic people within the time schedule.

Friday morning I rose early to get myself ready and set out to wake everyone with my first bell at 6.45am!  Yes, 6.45 am, only to find that half of them were already awake and sitting in the garden welcoming the new day.  In those quiet moments, as we all sat in the chapel before the meditation and Eucharist, I said thank you God for the people around me, for the privilege you have given me, and for this peaceful place of worship.  

Breakfast over, we were now nourished in body, mind and spirit ready for lift off at 9.15am.  Like an astronaut in charge of a three day mission, I prayed for a smooth launch, a trouble free journey, an out of this world experience and not to burn out on re-entry.  God our Father heard all our prayers, and we had the most amazing time.  Praying, singing, giving thanks, listening and sharing, and fellowship, lead me to say, ‘Thank you almighty God, for all the benefits you have given us, you who live and reign for ever, Amen.

As Lay Rector of London Cursillo #27, I will never forget the unique experience, the amazing staff team who made my role seem so easy and a group of twelve willing, enthusiastic, gifted and happy pilgrims, (some budding future Lay Rectors, no doubt!)  However, without the prayers, the love, words and tokens of support, from so many near and far we would not and could not have achieved so much.  So as we continue to pray for each other and to be a friend, make a friend and bring a friend to Jesus, let us go forth in faith, hope and love, together, knowing that Christ is counting on us as we are counting on Him to give us strength and courage to go out and to do what He has called us to do in His service. 

Pilgrim's Reflections

“For me the weekend was a special time that I will never forget, a real spiritual journey that has helped bring me closer to the presence of our Lord.  God Bless all my fellow pilgrims and everyone else who made the whole weekend such a unique, special and personal experience. The journey continues on........”     
- Ron

“The weekend was a transformation.  I went to the chapel, I prayed, I thought, I reflected, I wept. When we sang “I am a new creation”, I knew that was God working in me.  I have “joy that knows no limit, there in the grace of God I stand”. My five year old granddaughter, called Grace, is singing this hymn with me now.”     
- Babs

“I came, I saw and I was humbled , commanded to be still , to meet new friends with one purpose, to serve and to know our Lord Jesus Christ. This weekend has been brilliant. sensational, fun and breath-taking, but most of all a start on a journey, where I am meant to be going."    
- Eric

“ I revelled in the workshops, which were enjoyable and helpful.  The talks were excellent and informative.”
- Jo

“ The weekend gave me a different outlook on life.  I am seeing things differently now, not in my way, but in God’s way.”
- Pallzy

I came with an open mind, which turned to surprise as the weekend unfolded.  It was all so peaceful and insightful.    I still talk about the weekend with the other ladies who were there.  The weekend gave me love in my heart, which I can reciprocate.”
- Leonie 

“ I enjoyed the weekend and found the teaching very good.  The company was lovely.”
- Gladys

“  I really did enjoy the weekend, particularly the quiet times and the peaceful evening reflections”
- Steve

“For me the weekend was like Christmas, Easter and Pentecost all at the same time, a constant unfolding.  I felt truly enveloped within the company.If we could replicate the Cursillo sense of togetherness in our parishes, it would be a very good thing.”
- Robbie

“I was overwhelmed by the weekend.  It was so beautiful being part of a team.  I am fired up through the experience of being with people who were serving us, just as Jesus means us to serve, who were being like Jesus’ arms and legs”  
- Matwinder

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